Monday, September 8, 2014

Learn Chinese From Movies


I love Learn Chinese From Movies.

If you happen to like it as well,

sign up for free trial and read instruction carefully.

Here's a coupon code for buy 1 get 4 free: babyjean5for1deal
(it's only good until 9/30/2014)
if you feel like to make purchases.
They include

1. awesome movie Chinese, pinyin and English subtitle
you can switch to show or not show by using proper player,

2. over 1500 Flashcards PER Movie – Enough to Read a Chinese Newspaper,

glossaries for Each Word Shown in the Movie, in Chronological Order,

Movie Dialogues - Review all words and  characters in context with LCFM On-the-Go Subtitles.

Try to memorize one scene at a time – and before you know it you will have memorized the entire movie.

Feel free to leave comment below if you have any questions.
Have fun!!

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