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Chinese Children Song "兩隻老虎" (Liang Zhi Laohu, 2 Tigers)

Chinese Children Song

Song Title: 兩隻老虎 (两只老虎. Liǎng Zhī Lǎohǔ , Two Tigers)

歌詞, 繁體 中文, 簡體 中文, 拼音 和 英文 翻譯:
歌词, 繁体 中文, 简体 中文, 拼音 和 英文 翻译:
Gēcí, fántǐ zhōngwén,jiǎntǐ zhōngwén, pīnyīn hé yīngwén fānyì:
Lyrics in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, pinyin and English translations:
(The translations are done by the Chinese character order so the grammar may not be proper. If you have any question about the lyrics, please leave a reply/comment below this post, I will answer you as soon as I can):

兩 隻 老虎, 兩 隻 老虎,
两 只 老虎, 两 只 老虎,
Liǎng zhī lǎohǔ, liǎng zhī lǎohǔ,
Two tigers, two tigers,

跑 得 快, 跑 得 快,
跑 得 快, 跑 得 快,
Pǎo de kuài, pǎo de kuài,
Run fast, run fast,

一 隻 沒 有 眼睛, 一 隻 沒 有 尾巴,
一 只 没 有 眼睛, 一 只 没 有 尾巴,
Yī zhī méiyǒu yǎnjīng, yī zhī méiyǒu wěibā,
One no has eyes, one no has tail,

真 奇怪! 真 奇怪!
真 奇怪! 真 奇怪!
Zhēn qíguài! Zhēn qíguài!
Really strange! Really strange!

Repeat 6 times

Practice writing: CLICK HERE and hit the brushes next to each character to see the stroke orders. Grab a piece of paper and write them down.

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