Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chinese Pop Song "感恩的心" (Ganen De Xin, Grateful Heart) By Ouyang, Feifei

September 30, 2009

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This is a song that you can sing to anyone whom you want to show your great appreciation to.
Can you think of anyone that you want to sing this song to? I bet he/she will be touched!
Hint: You can sing to me. I'll flood you with my lovely tears. :P

Title: "Ganen De Xin" (Grateful Heart)

Singer: Ouyang, Feifei ( The link to her page is in Chinese and sorry that I could not find any English site of her. HERE's a free tool you can copy the Chinese sentences and paste them in the box. It'll show you pinyin and translation. She's a very famous pop singer in Taiwan and Japan. Born in Taiwan, 1954. )

** New: Go HERE for musical stave with simplified Chinese character lyrics. Please let me know if it's helpful for you. I'll update my previous posts with this if I can find them in their data base if you think it's helpful.

Subtitle in the video: Traditional Chinese characters.

Lyrics in pinyin and translation:

"Ganende Xin" (Grateful Heart)

Wǒ lái zì ǒurán, ( I came from random, ) 
Xiàng yī kē chéntǔ, ( Like a dust, )
Yǒu sheí kàn chū wǒde cuìruò? ( Have anyone seen my weekness? )
Wǒ lái zì héfāng? ( Where did I come from? )
Wǒ qíng guī héchù? ( Where will my feeling return to? )
Sheí zài xià yī kè hūhuàn wǒ? ( Who will call me the next moment? )

Tiāndì suī kuān, ( Althoug the world is wide, )
Zhè tiáo lù què nánzǒu, ( This road is difficult to walk, )
Wǒ kàn biàn zhè rénjiān, ( I see all over the world, )
Kǎnkě, xīnkǔ, ( Rough, toilsom, )
Wǒ hái yǒu duōshǎo ài? ( How much love do I still have? )
Wǒ hái yǒu duōshǎo lèi? ( How much tears do I still have? )
Yào cāngtiān zhīdào, ( Let the firmament knows, )
Wǒ bú rènshū. ( I won't give up. )

Gǎnēnde xīn, ( Grateful heart, )
Gǎnxiè yǒu nǐ, ( Thanks that I have you, )
Bàn wǒ yī shēng, ( Accompanies my life, )
Ràng wǒ yǒu yǒngqì zuò wǒzìjǐ, ( Let me have the courage to be myself, )
Gǎnēnde xīn, ( Grateful heart, )
Gǎnxiè mìngyùn, ( Thanks to the destiny, )
Huā kāi huā luò, ( The flowers bloom or fall, )
Wǒ yīyàng huì zhēnxī. ( I'll always cherish. )

Repeat 1,2,3,3

** New: I put the tone marks in the lyrics this time. But if you try to copy
the pinyin with tone marks and paste to dictionaries, there seems no
one out there could translate pinyin with tone marks.
I'm still looking and thinking if I should post pinyin with tone marks.
Would you like me to do the same in my privious and future posts?

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Monday, September 28, 2009

It's 教師節 (Jiaoshi Jie, Teachers' Day)!

September 28, 2009

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It's Teachers' Day in Taiwan! Do you have Teachers' Day in your country?
What do you do on that day?

In Taiwan, we show our appreciation to our teachers mostly with cards.
There's also festival celebration in the temples of Confucius around the island and overseas, known as the "Grand Ceremony Dedicated to Confucius" or "Confucius Memorial Service".
Confucius is known as "Zhìshèngxiānshī" (The Most Sage Venerated Late Teacher) and also "Wànshìshībiǎo" (Role Model for Teachers through the Ages). His teachings and philosophy have deeply influenced many Asian people's thoughts and life.
Below is a video of one of the "Confucius Memorial Service" in Taipei Confucius Temple and one in San Francisco in 2008.

Video title: "Taiwan Hongguan Dianshi TMACTV Jikongdadian"
( Taiwan Macroview TV TMACTV Confucius Memorial Ceremony)
The 3 Chinese characters on the screen before you play the video: "Bayiwu"
( Eight-Row Dance).
CLICK HERE then scroll down to "Worship" section to see the detail.

Conversation of the day ( pinyin & translation ):

Xuesheng men: Qinai de laoshi Jiaoshijie kuaile!
( Students: Dear teacher, Happy Teachers' Day! )

Laoshi: Xiexie nimen!
( Teacher: Thanks to you all! )

Xuesheng men: Zhe shi song gei nin de kapian.( Students: This is a card for you.)Laoshi: Wa! Xiexie nimen de kapian!
( Teacher: Wow! Thanks for your card! )

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I'll be sharing a song "Grateful Heart" in the next post. Stay tuned!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Chinese Love Song "九百九十九朵玫瑰" (Jiu Bai Jiushi Jiu Duo Meigui, 999 Roses) By Samuel Tai

September 14, 2009
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So how was your Chinese Valentine's Day? Did you give your love a little surprise? Did you learn the love song in my last post?

Here's another love song to share with you: "
Jiu Bai Jiushi Jiu Duo Meigui" (999 Roses) by Samuel Tai.
I happened to find out someone is looking for the pinyin lyrics of this song and I love this song.

It's a sad love song but the music and the melody are so beautiful that I could sing it all day.

There's a large heart bouquet made by 999 roses at the end of the video. Don't miss it. Enjoy~~~

Lyrics in pinyin and translation:
"Jiu Bai Jiushi Jiu Duo Meigui" ( Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine Roses )

Wangshi ru feng, ( The past is like the wind, )
Chi xin zhishi nandong, ( Infatuation is only hard to understand, )
Jie jiu xiang song, ( Using wine to escape, )
Song bu zou shenying mengmeng, ( But I can't escape the mist by my side, )
Zhuguang touying, ( The candlelight throws shadows, )
Ying bu chu ni yan rong, ( But it can't show your face, )
Reng zhi jian ni duzi zhaopian zhong. ( Still, I only see you alone in that photo. )

Ye feng yi leng, ( The night wind is already cold, )
Huixiang qian chen ru meng, ( Memories of the past seem like dreams, )
Xin si bingdong, ( My heart seems frozen, )
Zen kan xiangshi bu xiangfeng, ( How can I endure knowing you but not meeting you? )
Nan she xintong, ( I can't bear heartache, )
Nan she qing yi ru feng, ( I can't bear that love is already like the wind, )
Nan she ni zai wo xinzhong de fangzong. ( I can't bear that I've let you have your way with my heart.)

Wo zaoyi wei ni zhong xia, ( Long ago, I planted for you, )
Jiu bai jiushi jiu duo meigui, ( Nine hundred ninety-nine roses, )
Cong fenshou de na yitian, ( From the day we broke up, )
Jiu bai jiushi jiu duo meigui, ( Nine hundred ninety-nine roses, )
Hua dao diaoxie ren yi qiaocui, ( When the flowers withered, I'm haggard, )
Qian meng wan shi yi sui hua shi yanmie. ( Millions of oaths are already extinguished with the flowers. )

** Repeat 2. 3. 3. 1.

Ok, I've post numbers from 1 to 20 in HERE. So you know how to say 1 to 20 in Chinese. Now let's learn from 21 to 999. You only need to know how to say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, zero and hundred then you'll be able to use them for 1 to 999. Here are some examples for 21 to 99:Now you have all the pinyin for 1-10 in the image above. Here are some examples for 100 to 999: Easy? Feel free to ask me questions if you have any. 
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