Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chinese Love Song "回家" ( Hui Jia, Return Home) by Shunza

November 26, 2009

Song title: 回家 ( Huí Jiā, Return Home)

To me, it's a sad song about a lady's love left her without saying any reason and how she misses him, loves him, wants to let go but also wants him to come home.
I'm glad that my personality won't get me in this kind of
Just love the singer's voice and how she sings the song.

Singer: 順子 ( Shùn zi, Shunza ) was born in 1973 in Beijing, China.
A famous singer and songwriter. Her concerts are more intimate and cocktail-style which I like.
She released her first album in 1997 in Taiwan.
This song is the first song in her first album.
The Chinese lyrics in the video is traditional .

From Foongpc's request, I try to translate the Chinese words into English following the order of the Chinese words. So some will be strange, follow by the sentences which I think are proper. There may be mistakes. Please feel free to correct me, I'll be appreciated!

歌詞 簡體 中文, 拼音 和 英文 翻譯:
Gēcí jiǎntǐ zhōngwén, pīnyīn hé yīngwén fānyì:
Lyrics in simplified characters, pinyin and English translations:
我 还 不 明白
Wǒ hái bù míngbáiI still don't understand
为什么 你 离开 了 我
Wèishíme nǐ líkāi le wǒWhy you left me
没有 你的 电话
Méiyǒu nǐde diànhuà
Without your phone calls
没有 一 封 信
Méiyǒu yī fēng xìnWithout a single letter

我 每天 晚上 在 这里
Wǒ měitiān wǎnshàng zài zhèlǐI every night at right here ( I'm right here every night)

哪里 也 不想 去
Nǎlǐ yě bùxiǎng qùAnywhere even don't want to go ( Even don't want to go anywhere )

可是 我 好 爱 你
Kěshì wǒ hǎo ài nǐBut I very love you ( But I love you so much )

我 觉得 我 会 离不开 你
Wǒ juéde wǒ huì líbùkāi nǐI feel I will be inseparable you ( I feel I will not be able to leave you )

可惜 我 丢 了 你
Kěxī wǒ diū le nǐToo bad I lost you

慢慢, 我的 眼泪 流 下来
Mànmàn, wǒde yǎnlèi liú xiàláiSlowly, my tears flow down

回家, 回家, 我 需要 你
Huíjiā, huíjiā, wǒ xūyào nǐReturn home, return home, I need you
回家, 回家, 马上来我的身边
Huíjiā, huíjiā, mǎshàng lái wǒde shēnbiān
Return home, return home, right away come to my side

别 再 哭
Bié zài kūDon't again cry ( Don't cry again )

就 让 他 走
Jiù ràng tā zǒuJust let him go

再 多 痛苦的 等候
Zài duō tòngkǔde děnghòuAnother more painful waiting

相信 我 也 能 承受
Xiàngxìn wǒ yě néng chéngshòuBelieve I also can bear ( I believe I can also bear )

闭上 眼, 不再 留恋
Bìshàng yǎn, búzài liúliànClose eyes, no more nostalgia

你 却 一遍又一遍
Nǐ què yībiànyòuyībiànYou but over and over ( But you over and over )
出现 在 想 你 的 夜
Chūxiàn zài xiǎng nǐ de yèAppear at miss you of nights ( Appear at the nights that I think about you )

别 说, 不会 有 结果
Bié shuō, búhuì yǒu jiéguǒDon't say, won't have result ( Don't say, there will be no result )

永远 永远 别 说 分手
Yǒngyuǎn yǒngyuǎn bié shuō fènshǒuForever forever don't say to break up ( Never never say to break up )

而 你 又 怎么 能够
Ér nǐ yòu zěnme nénggòuBut you even how could ( But how could you )

就 这样 的 放手, 一 去 不再 回头
Jiù zhèyàng de fàngshǒu, yī qù búzài huítóuJust like this let go ( Just let go like this ) once leave and no longer turn around


回家, 回家, 我需要你, 哦~
Huíjiā, huíjiā, wǒ xūyào nǐ, ó ~Return home, return home, I need you, oh~

回家, 马上回家, 我需要你
Huíjiā, mǎshàng huíjiā, wǒ xūyào nǐ
Return home, right away return home, I need you

回家, 回家, 马上来我的身边
Huíjiā, huíjiā, mǎshàng lái wǒde shēnbiānReturn home, return home, right away come to my side

回家, 回家, 马上来我的身边
Huíjiā, huíjiā, mǎshàng lái wǒde shēnbiān
Return home, return home, right away come to my side

Fun thing to do:
1. Learn the song, film yourself, upload to YouTube. I'll add your video here.
2. Practice writing. CLICK HERE and hit the brushes next to each character to see the stroke orders. Grab a piece of paper and write them down.

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இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Nice song by Shunzi, yeah the translation is easier to follow but slightly more taxing your fingers on the keyboard. Excellent [优秀] {yōuxiù}
Xiexie ക.

Kelvin said...

This is a classic song, my ex cried everytime she sings in KTV.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Jeannie, my entry on "An Old Horse Knows the Way" ~ 老馬識途 {Lǎomǎ shìtú} is up, appreciate your comments and thanks for your post. Xiexie ക

Gin said...

Bananaz, I'm glad that I can improve my blog and thanks to all my readers. I can't get it better without you all!

Gin said...

Kelvin, your ex is full of emotion like me. I cried when I watch sad or touching movies.

There was one song did get me cry, I happened to hear it when I was in my down time. But I've never cried for that again since then.

Unknown said...

Jeannie, You have done a great job. No doubt the song is a sad ones and Shunzi sing it well. Thanks for sharing and your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Wish you abundance of love,

CheaHSan said...

Some songs do make me cry but most songs make my hair stand on ends and get me high whoa I love that feeling. Thanks

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Jeannie any idea you are able to locate this particular song by "Su Rei" (not sure on spelling) who sang "jiǔkan dan bay bo" an old movie acted by Sun Yet, about a mute father selling wine bottles?
Xiexie ക

Gin said...


Oh yes, I love some of her songs and plan to post some. The movie is super touching.

Here's the song and the movie MTV:

Story is a bit like the video I posted in my [Chinese Pop Song "Grateful Heart" By Ouyang, Feifei] at

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Jeannie, Truly admire 佩服 {pèi​fú}​ you. Thanks for
the link to this lovely song 酒干倘賣無, so touched by the song. Xiexie! xiexie! xiexie! ക

foongpc said...

Wow! You really took up my suggestion! Thank you so much!! Appreciate all your hard work! Now I can understand each sentence much easier.

I've heard of this singer Shunza but never really listen to her songs. Wow! I'm amazed by her voice! And the way she sing and pull those notes is fantastic. Beautiful sad song! : )

sweetromance said...

Shùn zi Shunza is very talented. What a beautiful voice. Even without knowing the language, you can still tell it's a love song.

Barbara said...

wow... i really like this song, its very touching. she's amazing. Also, I'm learning Chinese, and I'm happy cause i could understand most of that song without the lyrics :)
i like your website Jeannie, its very unique

Gin said...

Bananaz, not a problem, anytime. I'm glad that I could help!

Foongpc, I'm glad that you can understand better now. Yea...this song is very pretty. Love it.

Sweetromance, thanks for dropping by.

Barbara, I'm glad you like the song and my blog. I'm also happy for you that you understand most of the song without the lyrics, that means you are doing great! Thanks for commenting and hope you'll register as my free member to receive my new posts.

Love you all~~~

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Jeannie as per your request kindly click on the link below and sign up to get widget.


Gin said...

This is SO cool~~~
Xiexie nin!!

Zhou said...

Congratulations on winning the Blog award for edutainment. I saw you on the No. 1 Canadian blog and followed the link to your site. Readers can check the link at

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Jeannie, Congratz for winning the "Inukshuk Award Edutainment 2009".恭喜 恭喜! Bravo

BlogDirectionary said...

Congratulations!Well done!

CheaHSan said...

Hi Jeannie. So glad to know you won the Inukshu Award. Congrats! Keep up the great work!

Gin said...

Zhou, Bananaz, BlogDirectionary and CheaHS@n,

Thanks for all your support, I appreciate it!

molly said...

I love this song by ShunZi. Love her voice.

Gin said...

Thank you, Molly. I'm glad that you love it!

Anonymous said...


I found this song amazing. The singer voice is good. I can try to follow the song with the Pinyin lyrics well. I started my venture into learning Mandarin Chinese through Pinyin.

Do you have more song like this, either from the same singer or a male singer (a Frank Sinatra like). Don't forget to post the Pinyin!!


Gin said...

To Anonymous, I think you are Sakal?

I'm glad you like this song and try to follow the song with the Pinyin. It's a very beautiful song.

You can find all the songs I have posted
in my side bar "Labels" section "Chinese Kid's Songs", "Chinese Love Songs", "Chinese Pop Songs". Some of them needed updating and I'll update them asap.

Happy learning~~~

Sean Shadbolt said...

Its a great song and easy to follow the words and characters, although I'm not too familiar with traditional characters.
I had seen this on youtube sometime ago but wasn't able to follow it which was frustrating as it has a great tune as well

Gin said...


Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you think it's a great song and I hope you can sing it well and understand now. ^_^

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