Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chinese Children Song "欢乐圣诞老公公" (Huanle Shengdan Laogonggong, Joyous Santa Claus)

December 25, 2010

Hohoho~~~It's been a long time! I'm so sorry that I was not able to post as many as I wanted to. Here's a very cute song to you. Wish you a very wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2011!!

Song title:
Huāny Shèngdàn Lǎogōnggong (Joyous Santa Claus)
歡樂聖誕老公公 - traditional Chinese
欢乐圣诞老公公 - simplified Chinese

The lyrics in the video is in traditional Chinese.

歌詞 簡體 中文, 拼音 和 英文 翻譯:
Gēcí jiǎntǐ zhōngwén, pīnyīn hé yīngwén fānyì:
Lyrics in simplified characters, pinyin and English translations, the translations are done by the Chinese characters order so the grammar may not be proper:

欢乐 圣诞 老公公
Huānlè shèngdàn lǎogōnggong
Joyous Santa Claus

请 你 倾耳 听
Qǐng nǐ qīngěr tīng
Please you incline ear listen (Please listen attentively)

我 对 你 说 悄悄话
Wǒ duì nǐ shuō qiāoqiāohuà
I to you say whisperings (I whisper to you)

不 告诉 别人
Bú gàosù biérén
Don't tell others

圣诞 夜 已经 来临
Shèngdàn yè yǐjīng láilín
Christmas eve already approach

亲爱 老公公
Qīnài lǎogōnggong
Dear old man

送 我 什麽 好 礼物
Sòng wǒ shíme hǎo lǐwù
Give me what nice presents (What nice presents are you giving me)

请 你 告诉 我
Qǐng nǐ gàosù wǒ
Please you tell me

Practice writing: CLICK HERE and hit the brushes next to each character to see the stroke orders. Grab a piece of paper and write them down. 



இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Hi Jeannie laoshi great o hear from you. Nice to see your new post and hope you had a great Xmas and looking forward for a better 2011. Btw have added a special mention of you in COUNTDOWN

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Nice but short Chinese Xmas song we don't have much choices though Xiexie

James Oh said...

I am so glad to seeing you again. May this New Year bring you joys, happiness, and everything you dream of.

Gin said...

Thank you so much Bananaz and James. I'm so glad to hear from you too. I miss you all. I appreciate the special mention and the nice wishes.

Anonymous said...

I have a special request. I want to learn this song. If you could please translate it and add the pinyin. Please post it when you have time. Thank you!!! best wishes!
Link to the song:

Gin said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for visiting my blog and requesting the song. Could you please let me know your name to verify that you are my member? I'm out of town right now and will post the song as soon as I can.

Thank you so much!!