Saturday, August 22, 2009

七夕情人節 (Qixi Qingren Jie, Chinese Valentine's Day) And Chinese Calendar

August 22, 2009

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An easy way to learn Chinese is to read my post, practice the Chinese that I post then find someone to talk to. Maybe I'll open an online practice hour so you can practice live with me in the future. Let me know if you like this. ^___^

There's a special day coming up=> Chinese Valentine's Day (Double Seventh Day, Double Seventh Festival) is also known as Qixi Festival!

It falls on August 26 this year which is 4 days away!

It's called
Double Seventh Day because it's on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month on the Chinese calendar.

There's a beautiful love story about this day. You can read it

How many roses would you like to prepare for this special day? How about a large bouquet of 999 pieces of roses? Check out Here.

Here's a calendar that is showing Chinese lunar dates:

Here's a little explanation and the pinyin for the Chinese characters on the calendar:

Conversation of the day ( pinyin & translation ):
A: Ni hao piaoliang. (You are so beautiful)
B: Xiexie ni! (Thank you!)
A: Bu keqi. (You are welcome.)
A: Wo ai ni. (I love you.)
B: Wo ye ai ni. (I love you, too.)
A: Qingren Jie quile! (Happy Valentine's Day!)
B: Qingren Jie quile! (Happy Valentine's Day!)

To request the Chinese characters and vocabulary table for the conversation above, please follow my Facebook Page HERE.

I'll be sharing a love song in the next post. Stay tuned!

Do you celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day? How? 
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Craig said...

Big fan of your blog as you know already and I love the live chat idea.

Jeannie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Craig!