Monday, September 14, 2009

Chinese Love Song "九百九十九朵玫瑰" (Jiu Bai Jiushi Jiu Duo Meigui, 999 Roses) By Samuel Tai

September 14, 2009
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So how was your Chinese Valentine's Day? Did you give your love a little surprise? Did you learn the love song in my last post?

Here's another love song to share with you: "
Jiu Bai Jiushi Jiu Duo Meigui" (999 Roses) by Samuel Tai.
I happened to find out someone is looking for the pinyin lyrics of this song and I love this song.

It's a sad love song but the music and the melody are so beautiful that I could sing it all day.

There's a large heart bouquet made by 999 roses at the end of the video. Don't miss it. Enjoy~~~

Lyrics in pinyin and translation:
"Jiu Bai Jiushi Jiu Duo Meigui" ( Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine Roses )

Wangshi ru feng, ( The past is like the wind, )
Chi xin zhishi nandong, ( Infatuation is only hard to understand, )
Jie jiu xiang song, ( Using wine to escape, )
Song bu zou shenying mengmeng, ( But I can't escape the mist by my side, )
Zhuguang touying, ( The candlelight throws shadows, )
Ying bu chu ni yan rong, ( But it can't show your face, )
Reng zhi jian ni duzi zhaopian zhong. ( Still, I only see you alone in that photo. )

Ye feng yi leng, ( The night wind is already cold, )
Huixiang qian chen ru meng, ( Memories of the past seem like dreams, )
Xin si bingdong, ( My heart seems frozen, )
Zen kan xiangshi bu xiangfeng, ( How can I endure knowing you but not meeting you? )
Nan she xintong, ( I can't bear heartache, )
Nan she qing yi ru feng, ( I can't bear that love is already like the wind, )
Nan she ni zai wo xinzhong de fangzong. ( I can't bear that I've let you have your way with my heart.)

Wo zaoyi wei ni zhong xia, ( Long ago, I planted for you, )
Jiu bai jiushi jiu duo meigui, ( Nine hundred ninety-nine roses, )
Cong fenshou de na yitian, ( From the day we broke up, )
Jiu bai jiushi jiu duo meigui, ( Nine hundred ninety-nine roses, )
Hua dao diaoxie ren yi qiaocui, ( When the flowers withered, I'm haggard, )
Qian meng wan shi yi sui hua shi yanmie. ( Millions of oaths are already extinguished with the flowers. )

** Repeat 2. 3. 3. 1.

** More photos of Samuel Tai.

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