Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chinese Children Song "花園裡的洋娃娃" (Huayuan Li De Yangwawa, The Doll in the Garden)

March 31, 2010

Song title: 
Huāyuán Lǐ De Yángwáwa  (The Doll in the Garden)
花園 裡 的 洋娃娃 - traditional Chinese
花园 里 的 洋娃娃 - simplified Chinese

Mèimei Bēi Zhe Yángwáwa  (Young Girl Carries a Doll)
妹妹 揹著 洋娃娃 - traditional Chinese
妹妹 背着 洋娃娃 - simplified Chinese

ps.  妹妹 mèimei could also mean younger sister.
       娃娃 wáwa could also mean baby.

The Chinese lyrics in the video are traditional .

歌詞 簡體 中文, 拼音 和 英文 翻譯:
Gēcí jiǎntǐ zhōngwén, pīnyīn hé yīngwén fānyì:
Lyrics in simplified characters, pinyin and English translations, the translations are done by the Chinese characters order so the grammar may not be proper:

妹妹 背 着 洋娃娃, 
Mèimèi bēi zhe yángwáwa ,
Young girl carries a doll,
走 到 花园 来看 花, 
Zǒu dào huāyuán láikàn huā ,
Walks to the garden to see flowers,

娃娃 哭 了 叫 妈妈, 
Wáwa kū le jiào māma ,
The doll cries calls mom,

花 上 蝴蝶 笑 哈哈。  
Huā shàng húdié xiào hāhā 。 
Flower on butterfly laughs haha (The butterfly on the flower laughs haha).

妹妹 背 着 洋娃娃, 
Mèimèi bēi zhe yángwáwa ,
Young girl carries a doll,

走 到 花园 来 玩耍, 
Zǒu dào huāyuán lái wánshuǎ ,
Walks to the garden to play,

娃娃 饿 了 叫 妈妈,
Wáwa è le jiào māma ,
Baby hungry calls mom,

树 上 小 鸟 笑 哈哈。 
Shù shàng xiǎo niǎo xiào hāhā 。
Tree on little bird laughs haha (The little bird on the tree laughs haha).

Practice writing: CLICK HERE and hit the brushes next to each character to see the stroke orders. Grab a piece of paper and write them down.



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