Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kiss 100 Men In Paris

October 31, 2009

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I found a very interesting Chinese blog

豆楊, 在巴黎吻百個男人 (豆杨,在巴黎吻百个男人)
"Dòuyáng ,Zài Bālí Wěn Bǎi Gè Nánrén" (Douyoung, Kiss 100 Men In Paris)

Douyoung, I think it's her pen name, a young pretty lady from Taiwan who's studying music in Paris.
I consider her a great pianist and admire her. Her YouTube Video is amazing:

She wanted to know how it would feel about kissing 100 men in Paris so she came up with this "crazy" idea. She teamed up with a photographer and started to look for men to kiss on the streets and have the photos taken. I think she has kissed over 50 men so far. She's going to publish a book about this story so not every kiss will be posted. I think those photos she has posted are beautiful.

第一个吻 dì yī gè wěn ( The 1st kiss)
第五个吻 dì wǔ gè wěn ( The 5th kiss)
第七个吻 dì qī gè wěn ( The 7th kiss)
第八个吻 dì bā gè wěn ( The 8th kiss)
第九个吻 dì jiǔ gè wěn ( The 9th kiss)
第十三个吻 dì shí sān gè wěn ( The 13th kiss)
第十五个吻 dì shí wǔ gè wěn ( The 15th kiss)
第十六个吻 dì shí liù gè wěn ( The 16th kiss)
第三十七个吻 dì sān shí qī gè wěn ( The 37th kiss)
第四十六个吻 dì sì shí liù gè wěn ( The 46th kiss) *This is my favorite.
This one she didn't say the number of the kiss.

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: prefix indicating ordinal number.
zài : in, at.
巴黎 Bālí : Paris.
wěn : kiss.
bǎi : hundred.
: classifier for people or objects in general.
男人 nán rén : man or men.

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